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All positions are for experience only, no pay at the moment.

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This job can be done anywhere.
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You must have some type of writing view able online either an essay, poem, blog post etc. We want to see your writing style.
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(1) You can write for other websites, but everything you publish to Gold Crwn must be unique but can be the same subject.
(2) You must have original work if publishing your work in Gold Crwn magazine. (We do check)
(3) You are not paid for your contributions, but our perks make up for it
(4) We have a strict three strike system; disobey an admin and you’re out
(5) We have strict rules and terms which you must follow at all times
(6) Gold Crwn is all about positivity and Girl Power. No shade, no hate and no BS!
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Thanks for applying. Someone will review your app and email you with more information if you are chosen to join the team!

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